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 幾年前把整台freebsd 的機器虛擬化之後轉到vmdk 丟到國外網站寄存。

參考 ([手紮] vmdkhosting , VPS新選擇– 奇想西卡 )

其實只是想當個記憶保存,後來因為前公司的資安政策 . ( 鎖 telnet ssh … 國外許多IP ,


前幾天發現怪怪的進去重開機 發現系統掛掉…

開機卡在要mount root 的地方 ( ufs=/dev/ad0s1a )


ho segaa客戶

Hi sir ,

today I reboot my GuestOS (freebsd ) ,
it hand on on the screen can’t boot succeed .
I am try many way to boot it all failed .
I guess the file system is error . Do you have any backup for my machine . Please help me restore it . thanks


David D客服


Not a problem. We can get your machine back online.

Let me ask you… If we were to install a fresh install of FreeBSD 10.3 and mount your existing disk… Would you be able to move your content to FreeBSD 10.3?

Your existing VM disk would be mounted as: /olddisk

If this will not work we could possibly do an in place upgrade to FreeBSD 5.0. This would fix the existing problem, but would still leave you with an ancient version of FreeBSD.

結果登進去發現 passwd 被重置了 … root 無須帳號密碼可以直接登入
www mysql bbs 等等系統帳號都被砍了 ~ 又寫信去問能不能儘幫忙 restore 之前的備份


ho segaa客戶

Hi sir ,
after restore my Machine , the /etc/passwd is change ,
would you help me copy a backup for the /etc/passwd .
Or Just restore my Machine use your backup file without try to login the system .
thanks very much .

他們就直接回信說 我沒有買 備份服務 = =

之前它們是用原廠光碟 直接幫我復原系統的 -__- 有沒有那麼貼心 :-D

David D客服


You will need to search the machine (find / -name “master.passwd”) for any backup copies.

We do not have a backup of the machine as you have not paid for backup service.

We got the machine back online with a FreeBSD 4.11 install CD.


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