[google] Picasa Web Albums


Want to put your photos online quickly and easily so you can share them with friends?

You can. You’ve been invited to try the latest features in Picasa, Google’s free photo software. As always, Picasa is a great tool to help you find and edit the photos on your computer. And now, using its new Picasa Web Albums feature, you can also use Picasa to share your pictures online. Click on the link below to accept this invitation and in a few simple steps we’ll show you how to download Picasa and set up your own Picasa Web Albums (if you already have Picasa, we’ll show you how to upgrade to the latest version):

可以搭配 picasa 2.0 beta 版,可以直接透過該程式上傳



過幾天再來慢慢玩 … 感覺會被縮圖 … 介面也還不適應ing 





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