This is why Taiwan people so angry.


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Yeah. You have claimed that the ship of Taiwan invading your territory. I do

not have the willing to argue whether there is your territory or not, because

it’s a professional question which is beyond my knowledge.


If you had held up our ship and had kept it for the purpose of negotiation

with the government of Taiwan, I would have believed your official statement.

In other word, it ‘s the behavior for enforcing your law. Unfortunately, you

didn’t do it. Your police shot our ship 32times even more instead. Everyone

all over the world including your people know this situation and you admitted

this action.


It’s not enforcing your law at all .However, it is the attack with no doubt.

Does anyone know what weapon killed our people? The answer is 30 caliber

light machinegun and M-16 and M-14 assault rifles or maybe more terrible

weapons. Using such weapons to attack common person is cruel and violating



It is just a normal ship for fishing. How can such a ship with no military

equipment threaten your vessel? It is ridiculous excuse for firing and

killing our people.

It is murder without a doubt. Furthermore, you didn’t admit your mistake for

killing common fisherman. I feel sorry and little angry for such shameless



It is impossible for a dead man to be alive. However you are supposed to show

apology and make up for the family of the dead.

If you do not do that, You will destroy not only the relationship between

your and Taiwan but also your reputation around the world.

Needless to say, Everyone around the world will think of the action as a

surprise attack not a behavior of putting law into practice.

Furthermore, every people will regard the Philippines as uncivilized country.





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